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Sleek & Beautiful

Do you need a great new job?

Start working on the Dutch beaches

We are looking for waiters, chefs, and other kitchen staff

What you can expect

Work, Life, and Relax on the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands

Sleek & Beautiful


When you work on the beach, no day is the same. On a sunny day, thousands of people come to enjoy the sun, sea, and the beach. Do you have it in you to make everybody happy? That is what we expect of you and your colleagues.

Sleek & Beautiful


To be able to work hard, rest is vital. If you work with us, we will arrange housing within the beach neighbourhood. So you will have minimum travel time and maximize your personal time.

Sleek & Beautiful


The salaries in the Netherlands are among the highest in Europe. You will be able to make some very good money in a few months time, so it is absolutly worth it to come work in The Netherlands for at least 6 months.