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How it works

These opportunities are for anyone who is a resident the European Union who would like to work in a restaurant on the Dutch coast. Are you interested in a full-time job as a waiter or chef, please send us a message including your resume and we will find you the best places at the Dutch beach. Note, it’s important to speak good Dutch if you want to be a waiter. If you apply for a job in the kitchen you have to speak fluent English.

If you’re applying you have to be an experienced worker in hospitality (chef or waiter). Applications without resume or photo we sadly cannot accept. Working on the beach in the Netherlands is very challenging. On sunny days, thousands of people come to enjoy sun, sea, and the beach. They all want to enjoy some good drinks and food. If you have what it takes to make everybody happy, please apply here.

What can you expect if we hire you:

  • A full-time contract for a minimum of 6 months or
  • A full-time contract during the seasons june, july, august en september (holliday season)
  • Living close by your work
  • A good salary
  • Working at one of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands